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In the course of the pandemic under applicable regulations and including a hygiene concept.
As well as online and digital.


You don't feel like having the same “work meeting” any more?

Are you looking for effective and innovative workshops and trainings?

Do you first have to familiarize yourself with the design and process of a good workshop?


We do it for you.


The benefit:

A workshop created with creativity of sustainability.


The special thing about our workshops:

 We work with you and your group and participants, preferably in creative rooms or outdoors. *

You can then work effectively without distractions in your own office. For a motivating, idea-promoting as well as calming or exciting effect.

Image by You X Ventures

Communication & togetherness - the classics

  • Team building

  • conflict management

  • Change management

3 P's | Products |

Processes | Projects

  • Organization topics

  • Change management

  • Increase in process flows

  • Product development

  • Projects: finding, planning, implementation, completion

Your work-life balance

  • Stress - control and disengage

  • Self and time management

  • Profile short and sweet. Because a good profile promotes a career path.

From my own experience, I know that just the design of the flipcharts

can contribute to a great workshop.

You're half the battle when it comes to getting your audience's attention!

Well-drawn flipcharts arouse interest.

Interest means attention.
Attention encourages cooperation.
Participation promotes memorizing content.


* Classic variations can also be booked.

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