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Angebot für Sie

These are my offers in the overview

Direct booking | I design and plan your business event for you. From A to Z.  

1to1 mentoring | With me you can keep a cool head and keep track of your plans. This is your navigation through ups and downs with a breeze of motivation and creative ideas.

SOS mission  | You are overwhelmed and need ad-hoc help and a cool head, then I'm here for you.

Lifebuoy | I take over ongoing planning. Your service provider has dropped out or your planning is getting out of hand - I will straighten it out and bring it to a safe haven.

Planning an event is so much more than keeping track of the schedule.

The conversation with Petra is about
the procedure for her
Planning for your first own conference.

Good luck, Petra Saltuari. I am very pleased to be able to accompany you in organizing the symposium 😀


The link to the symposium is welcome to share!


The event is intended to give teachers and prospective teachers an impulse and create awareness of how they can better deal with stress in everyday school life and thus create a relaxed learning environment in order to enable sustainable and joyful learning.


The Goethe University is pleased about the active participation!

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