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Janet & Joy



Organizing is my passion. From project planning to designing a business event or a grandiose workshop.

My vision is to combine work with pleasure. And if I have a talent then it is that I pay attention to the little things on the right and left of the path.

There's no problem. There is  Solution originator .

my way

In the past few years I have specialized in the organization of business events and projects. Actually, I've been involved in the organization of business events since 2002, such as customer events, product presentations, management meetings, company Christmas parties, change management, etc. Workshops on agile, leadership and products are included as well as "classic" project planning.

I now organize events as a self-employed person. It all started with so-called internal events, i.e. events that I organized in and for the companies in which I was employed.

In 19 years as a project manager, manager,

Trainer and self-employed continued to grow.

I want my customer to be happy at the end of the day.

In order for this to be so, a great deal of attention must be paid to the details.

Details are discovered in conversations. I've always had jobs  which required a lot of communication with and to the customer and had the "planning" component.

A perfect combination.


I was lucky enough to get to know the agile way of working. Quasi at the birthplace of agile work: software development. All other areas that work with agile components mostly only adapt frequencies, not the entire process. Precisely because it is perfectly tailored to the development of software.

As a Scrum Master and Product Owner, I have practical experience with agile work.

I would like to mention at this point that I am a user in front of the screen. I only got into it through working in the IT industry.

I enjoyed a classic apprenticeship as an office clerk. I started in a bank and ended up in IT Consulting after moving from Berlin to Hamburg. I have been in this beautiful city for 20 years and I really enjoy the northern lights.

In Hamburg I have mine  Graduated in business administration and always kept me up to date.

The worst that can happen to me is to stay there. You never stop learning.


I can decide for myself, put my diversity and ability into one job and am no longer obliged to make a classic decision.

This is how the name came about. I am creative, I adapt methods and things. 

Together this resulted in “the creative maker”.  My mission is to make it possible. 


I can clear my head by taking walks with my dog Joy. She is always with me on my little hiking trips in the Hamburg area, unless I'm abroad. She is also my companion on day trips to the beach on the Baltic Sea. As often as possible, I take a break and enjoy the view of the wide open sea. No matter if summer or winter. For me, switching off is deluxe.

I also really enjoy listening to crime podcasts. These are stories that life wrote. I would rather be close to reality than dream. It is exciting to hear what processes take place when there is a crime. What made people commit the deed. What serious errors still happen today despite standardized processes. I recommend the Zeit Verbrechen podcast.

hard facts

  • 20 years of experience in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • trained event manager

  • trained change manager

  • trained trainer

  • Project manager for agile & classic projects

  • Study of business administration

    • Business economist (VWA), diploma thesis ISBN 978-3668293663

    • Marketing and Sales Economist (VWA), thesis ISBN 978-3656113423

  • Scrum Master

  • Product manager

  • Industry knowledge from IT, GKV, Sparkasse and wholesale

  • a common sense

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